Update: This episode has been taken down by the folks at the NWA due to a comment that some have taken to be a racist remark by Cornette. My own feelings on the matter were that while the comment probably wasn’t the best thought out, it was not in reference to race but was in reference to being so tough you could drive through a starving country with a bucket of food on your back. I feel like the NWA really dropped the ball by pulling the episode and this doesn’t seem to be a great sign for the future.

Non-Title MAtch: Murdoch Vs Aldis

Good back and forth match between Murdoch and Aldis, Aldis plays the reluctant heel really well. Him calling out Trevor for not being at peak fighting shape was pretty damn brutal before the match began. This match ended with a botched jump off the top rope by Murdock leading to a submission at the hands of Aldis. Aldis held the submission a bit longer than necessary after the bell had rung to rub salt into the wound of Murdoch. Something tells me that this is not the last that we’ll be seeing between the two men in the NWA.

Result: Nick Aldis:

Promo: R&R Express / The Wild Cards

the Rock and Roll Express are still great when it comes to getting the crowd going, they’re ready for their shot at the NWA title. Once they left the Wild Cards showed up to let the R&R express know they’re ready for them and will come out victorious. David Marquez asks what the relationship between Camille and the Wild Cards is and is told they’re just friends.

Match : ??? Vs Ricky Starks

Question mark is pretty damn dominant once again. Starks does put in some offense but it’s not enough to overcome the most devastating force on God’s green earth. Ricky illegally dove out of the ring attacking question mark during a small break in the action which brings in the greatest actor in Hollywood history, Aron Stevens to teach Starks a lesson in civility. Colt Cabana, in what can only be described as an act of cowardice came at Stevens and ??? with the National belt.

Result: No Contest??? Weird call to be honest.

Promo: Eli Drake

Eli Drake comes out to give a promo but the fans are still enamoured with ???. Some nice heat by Eli towards the crowd as he challenges Mr Anderson to a bout. Anderson Answers the challenge and claims he want’s to do it right now. It looks as if we’re going to have a match, when Drake attacks Anderson from behind culminating with a smack to the back of the head with a steel turnbuckle. Great segment!

Tag Team Match: Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle Vs Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox

Vox and Belle start the match out a bit slow. Vox hits an old fashioned drop toe hold which was pretty cool. Belle takes the initiative and dishes out some punishment before tagging in Thunder Rosa. Tosa throwa a devastating chop and a modified armbar before smashing Vox headfirst into the mat. Rosa tags Belle back in and Belle starts showing off some ruthless offense. Vox is able to get in a bit of offense in and makes the hot tag. Now it’s Rosa and Kay in the ring together and they really go at it. Rosa gets the upperhand and goes to the top rope before being caught by Kay. Back and forth on the top rope leading to a superplex by Kay.
Melina is here and she makes her way to the corner of Belle and Rosa, distracting kay. ROsa sneaks up from behind and takes the win with a rollup.

Result: Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa

Main Event: Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks Vs Aron Stevens and ???

Starting out the match is Stevens and Starks. Starks chases Stevens to the outside before tagging in ???. Starks takes the upperhand laying in some punishment before tagging in Cabana. The people love ??? who takes the lead and tags in Stevens. Starks is in and he once again chases Stevens out of the ring. Stevens tags out again. Now the ??? has Stevens where he wants him laying in some hard hits, a choke in the corner, followed up with a back body drop. Stevens is back in and he finally gets in a chop before tagging ???. This repeats several times with Stevens getting booed while his partner is cheered.
Starks lands a flying clothesline and tags in Cabana. Not much here before Cabana tags back out. Starks continues the offense a bit and then tags back in Cabana. So far Cabana and starks are the better at working together. Stevens tags back in ??? who lands the “Mongrovian Spike?” Come on it’s the Hard Stop… ??? tags back in Stevens who makes the pin.

Result: Aron Stevens and ???

Promo: James Storm

Storm wants to know why Aldis is getting away with non-title matches and Cabana with tag matches. He wants Aldis in the ring but then Kamille comes out, whispers something in Storms ear. Storm tells Marquez, “Sorry about your damn luck” and walks out following Kamille.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great show, I would have preferred to see Murdoch and Aldis go a bit longer but everything tonight flowed really well. We’re really starting to see this roster take shape and I’m excited for next week. One thing that concerns me a bit is we still haven’t had any matches set up for Into the Fire but I would assume those will come within the next week or so. Melina showing up was pretty awesome and Drakes beatdown of Anderson was a high point not to be missed.

I also feel as if tonight the commentary really came together with some classic lines from Jim Cornette. Great show!

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