After AEW Dynamite went off the air this was posted on Twitter;

In the above clip Cody Rhodes comes out and points to a sign that says, “Vince Suck It.” Some folks loved it, others hated it, but I’m here to tell AEW they need to stop doing it. For one it’s long been an acknowledged trope in wrestling history that you only mention your competition if you are #2, if you’re #1 you act as if your competition doesn’t exist. There’s good reason for this and I am going to try and explain it as quickly as possible.

Acknowledging the competition shows that you are still actively trying to outdo them but at the same time it puts your promotion in a place of weakness. AEW is, by taking these shots, readily admitting that they are the lesser promotion, and what’s more it just comes off as petty. Biting the hand that fed the majority of your for so long is not a good look in anyone’s eyes and while it may pop the smarks it does little for the casual or new fan of your product.

This is also why I feel it is ridiculous for AEW to use old WCW trademarks, such as the upcoming “Bash at the Beach.” You’re egging on the WWE and using the trademarks of a failed company in order to promote your current one? How did that make sense to anyone?

Anyway, I hope that AEW can learn and move past these things soon. Trying to be the modern WCW is almost certainly bound to repeat the mistakes of the former WCW. I want this company to succeed, but it won’t do so by trying to be a company that died many years ago.

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