NWA: Not Watching Anymore

Earlier I wrote of the faux outrage that the higher ups at the NWA were throwing out in order to cover their own asses, for a line that they chose to leave in a show, that was recorded two months ago. Well after that was written the NWA released this on Twitter.

And with that I’m done watching. Let me be clear, I wish the company well. I hope they succeed and thrive, I hope the workers there earn more than enough to survive and thrive on but once I get the smell of bullshit in my nostrils it doesn’t go away easily. Once Again this was a single line of commentary recorded two months ago, everyone who heard that line in the editing process was fine with it until all of a sudden they pretend to be shocked that it had been made. That’s bullshit, plain and simple. This says nothing of the wrestlers or the talent that had nothing to do with the video production, but it’s a piss poor excuse of a production company that allows an employee to be tanked due to a line that could have been removed and dubbed over months ago.

Again, I do hope they succeed but my efforts will be spent elsewhere.

Written By,
Jeffrey Kinkaid

NWA: New Whining Alliance

Good morning folks, I’m pissed off today and I’ll tell you why. Last night during a two month old recorded episode of NWA Powerrr, a line of commentary set the world on fire. However, this isn’t about the line of commentary. This is about the response that the National Wrestling Association had to this line of commentary that they somehow left in the show, which again was recorded almost two months ago.

After a fantastic episode of NWA Powerrr, I jump on twitter to find this status, by NWA Vice President Dave Lagana;

Now I had just watched this episode and so I wondered, what on earth could this be in reference to, so I did some digging and found this tweet;

So let’s preface, this is a line that Cornette has consistently used in reference to wrestling tough guys since the 1980’s. Why is that important? Well, during the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ethiopia experienced a severe famine. So the line is in reference to being tough enough to drive through a crowd of starving people with food on your back, and not in reference to race. With that said I can understand why some people would take issue with it, the line is outdated, ethiopia is actually a fairly thriving country today, and the days of laughing about famines is far past us.

But… the real problem I have with this is the idea that this line came as a shock to anyone in the National Wrestling Association. Allow me to share a list…

Now do you see a problem here? That episode passed through person after person, editor after editor, getting approval at every stage of production. It was recorded two months ago and released yesterday, it wasn’t a live performance, it is a pre-taped episode and so the idea that this line came as a shock to anyone is insulting to say the least.

So Dave, when you took this episode down last night, this was after you had already given your approval to the episode at an earlier date, you heard the line and had no issue with it, or you had an issue with the line but left it in for reasons? What reason could that be? Well one that pops out to me is pretty obvious, you want rid of Cornette. You’ve already bent to the will of the internet clique that hates Cornette in the past and maybe you feel like you’d be better off without him. So you leave a line in that you know will get an angry reaction and act shocked after the fact.

As someone who has loved the product produced by the NWA, I have to admit, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It signals that the NWA is in actuality going to be an average modern pro wrestling promotion with the NWA skin slapped on it. It’s a sign that one of the only things that connects you with the NWA of the past, Jim Cornette, will soon be gone from the program and we’ll be left with a mockery of a promotion so many of us grew up loving.

So yes I’m pissed. Should that line be in a modern program? I would say it’s past it’s expiration date and doesn’t make sense to today’s world, I think it’s a line that can easily be misconstrued and held up as a rallying cry against Jim Cornette in an effort to have him removed. But you can’t say you were shocked by it, you can’t act like it took you by surprise, and you can’t remove the fact that you put your seal of approval on this episode prior to feigning remorse over that line.

In the words of Cornette, Thank you, Fuck you, Bye.

Written By,
Jeffrey Kinkaid