Thanksgiving 1986: Remembering the Skywalkers

Starrcade 1986!

If you have the WWE Network then I recommend checking out Starrcade 86: Night of the Skywalkers. This event isn’t exactly quality wrestling, it’s not exactly bad, it’s just not exactly good either. It’s a card that shows the huge gap in talent that the NWA at the time had at the time. With main event quality competitors like Ric Flair, the Andersons, the Road Warriors, and the Midnight Express being featured on a card that also includes the team of Tim Horner and Nelson Royal…Royal who was beyond past his prime at this point.

The main events of the night were the Rock N Roll Express vs the Andersons, in a steel cage, and Ric Flair vs Nikita Koloff for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. However the match that the card derives it’s name is the Skywalkers Match(Scaffold Match) between the Road Warriors and the Midnight Express.

God they built up this match and by the time of the event it was clear that someone was going to get killed… What we actually got was a match that only lasted 7 minutes, ended in legitimate injuries, and probably should never have taken place to begin with…sadly this wouldn’t be the last scaffold match we’d see in wrestling.

The match itself is awful, and it was going to be awful considering that Road Warrior Animal was wrestling a gimmick match with a broken leg, but if it had been a regular tag match this injury might have been hidden by allowing Hawk to take most of the match. Instead we got a match with four competitors who are all visibly horrified to be that far up above the ring.

This match would probably go down as just another bad gimmick match if not for the bump at the end. Jim Cornette was set up to fall from the ring and land in the arms of Big Bubba Rogers, what happened though is Rogers missed his spot, Cornette fell to the ring, and landed in such a way that destroyed his knees. It’s a horrific sight to see and you can tell things are not ok from the moment he hits the mat.

This match should have been an example that gimmicks shouldn’t be placed above the safety of the wrestlers involved, however as we all know it did not work out that way. Scaffold matches have continued to be held with huge numbers of injuries, they are always awful matches, and the wrestling world has created even more dangerous matches since then.

So if you have some time on your hands this Thanksgiving, pull this one up, sit back, and enjoy. It’s not the greatest event but it does feature some great matches and classic Starrcade events should always be a Thanksgiving tradition!

Stop Punching At The Competition, AEW!

After AEW Dynamite went off the air this was posted on Twitter;

In the above clip Cody Rhodes comes out and points to a sign that says, “Vince Suck It.” Some folks loved it, others hated it, but I’m here to tell AEW they need to stop doing it. For one it’s long been an acknowledged trope in wrestling history that you only mention your competition if you are #2, if you’re #1 you act as if your competition doesn’t exist. There’s good reason for this and I am going to try and explain it as quickly as possible.

Acknowledging the competition shows that you are still actively trying to outdo them but at the same time it puts your promotion in a place of weakness. AEW is, by taking these shots, readily admitting that they are the lesser promotion, and what’s more it just comes off as petty. Biting the hand that fed the majority of your for so long is not a good look in anyone’s eyes and while it may pop the smarks it does little for the casual or new fan of your product.

This is also why I feel it is ridiculous for AEW to use old WCW trademarks, such as the upcoming “Bash at the Beach.” You’re egging on the WWE and using the trademarks of a failed company in order to promote your current one? How did that make sense to anyone?

Anyway, I hope that AEW can learn and move past these things soon. Trying to be the modern WCW is almost certainly bound to repeat the mistakes of the former WCW. I want this company to succeed, but it won’t do so by trying to be a company that died many years ago.

Scorpio Sky: A License To Print Money

Scorpio Sky is a rising star in the AEW

Short one this morning. Just wanted to take a minute and give props to Scorpio Sky who has been on quite a rise over the last couple of months. Going from independent hot shot, shot to AEW World Tag Team Champion with Kazarian, to championship contender against Chris Jericho in just two short months is nothing to balk at.

Last night Scorpio Sky showed exactly why his future is so bright. We got a promo from the man that set him apart from others in his same position. Not only can Sky move flawlessly throughout the squared circle but he can talk the talk as good as anyone, in fact this might just be the tip of the iceberg. He had the crowd really behind him last night and folks are clamoring to see next weeks match.

This is no one hit wonder, with folks like Sky, Cody Rhodes, and MJF on the roster, the art of the promo is live and well in AEW.

Rosamania is Running Wild in the National Wrestling Alliance!

Thunder Rosa Made a huge splash on NWA Powerrr!

Good afternoon wrestling fans, today we’re going to take a quick look at Thunder Rosa, one of the new faces in the reborn National Wrestling Alliance. Even though we’ve only seen Thunder Rosa a couple of times on NWA Powerrr, she’s made a tremendous splash in the promotions women’s division.

What we do know about Thunder Rosa comes mostly from the fantastic interview that she gave with the “This is the NWA Podcast.” In this interview we learn a lot about what pushes her forward in the wrestling business. Thunder Rosa has faced numerous challenges on her journey to the NWA and I can say one thing for sure, she isn’t going to let anyone get in her way.

Tonight, on NWA Powerrr: Episode, Thunder Rosa will be tagging up with her new found friend, Marti Belle to take on the team of Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox. This one is sure to be one for the ages as Marti Belle, former friend of women’s division champion Allysin Kay, will finally get a chance to prove herself against the champ. Having Thunder Rosa in her corner will surely be a great help and an injection of confidence for Marti Belle.

Tune in at 6:05 ET for this match and much more!

Nick Aldis vs Trevor Murdoch (High Class vs. Total Crass)

According to the NWA’s twitter page;

This is big news people! Trevor Murdoch Vs Nick Aldis. We can now report that this match will be non-title which just might give the upper hand to Murdoch. The Champ, Mr Aldis, might just have bigger things on his mind and this could be a great opportunity for his opponent to cement his place in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch has the experience edge, being a 23 year veteran of the sport in comparison to Aldis and his 14 year career. However, let’s not forget ring rust may come into play and while Murdoch has had some good showings in the NWA his first bout was a loss to Ricky Starks which had to be a big upset for the returning veteran. Since then Murdoch has been dominant and dare I say looks better than ever.

Nick Aldis,
Current NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Aldis on the other hand is the working champ, carrying the NWA World Heavyweight title from coast to coast defending it against contender after contender. Absolutely no ring rust here but the fact that it’s a non-title bout could come into play. As the champ, Aldis always has to have his mind heavily focused on his next defense of that belt. So will he come into the ring unprepared against Murdoch?

One thing is for certain, this is guaranteed to be one hell of a match the likes that this country hasn’t seen for many years. Both Aldis and Murdoch spent time in Harley Races Wrestling Academy where they honed their skills. Murdoch is obviously the more Race like contender with size and brute force to do his talking for him, Aldis on the other hand has shown that even though he can style and profile with the best of them, he’s no joke once the bell rings.

My guess is Murdoch comes out victorious in the end, his sheer size is enough to make him a formidable opponent to anyone in the ring and with the recent loss to Ricky Starks, more than likely still plaguing his mind, he will be ready for whatever the champ has to throw at him. No doubt this will be one match you won’t want to miss! Tune in at 6:05 ET on YouTube for NWA Power!


Also Announced for the Card:
Ricky Starks Vs The Question Mark
Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa Vs Allysin Kay(c) and Ashley Vox